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Welcome to Ultimate Elite Pageants.  As you begin your journey as a state/country queen, please take a moment to get yourself familiar with our rules and regulations.  These rules and regulations should be followed while you are representing Ultimate Elite Pageants whether at a local, state, national or international event.  While you are wearing the crown and/or sash or merely representing Ultimate Elite due to a coordinated event or activity, please conduct yourself in a respectful, professional and positive manner. 

*  Contestants must be a natural born female.

*  Contestants must be a resident, attending school, own property, or been born in the state or country which she is applying to represent.

*  Contestants must be of good moral character.

*  Contestant must not have been convicted of a felony crime. 

*  Contestant must never have, nor will she during her reign, pose for any photography, video, or film associated with any nudity or pornography.

*  Contestants at the state/country level must complete 12 minimum appearances during her reign.


*  Contestants at the state/country level must perform a minimum of 60 hours of community service during her reign.

*  Contestant agrees to be present and compete in the International Pageant and participate in all Pageant Weekend events.

*  You may not hold another title while representing a title with Ultimate Pageants, without first obtaining consent. 

*  If there is a preliminary pageant in which you qualify to compete, you must first participate in that preliminary pageant before applying as an

   'at-  large' contestant and receive an appoint state/country title.

*  Contestant acknowledges Ultimate Elite Pageants will use photos and films of titleholders to produce flyers, commercials and advertising for the 

    sole purpose of promoting Ultimate Elite Pageants.

*  Entry Fee must be paid in full by deadline date. All required delegate paperwork, photos and ticket sales must be submitted by the deadline date. 

*  Contestant must stay at the host hotel during the Ultimate Elite International Pageant Weekend.

*  Contestant will use the designated group code when booking the host hotel for the Ultimate Elite International Pageant Weekend.

*  Ultimate Elite Pageants is a self-supported pageant organization.  We rely solely on the entry fees to cover production expenses, advertising,

    promotional fees, stage rentals, theater rental and equipment, performers and entertainment fees, judges expenses, gifts, prizes and awards. 

*  Please note Ultimate Elite is not responsible for sponsor prizes, these are being giving directly by each company that has offered sponsorship to all of

   our competing queens.

*  All fees paid to Ultimate Elite are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NOT REFUNDABLE.  This is to include but not limited to Entry Fee, Pageant Ticket

   Sales, Guest Entertainment/Party Tickets paid by anyone on behalf of the delegate to include but not limited to the delegate herself, sponsors,

   or advertisers.

*  Contestants winning the International title must agree to sign the International Title Holder's Contract pageant weekend.

* Contestants agree to hold harmless Ultimate Elite Pageants, Ultimate Elite Pageant Staff and/or Sponsors due to theft, injury, accident, loss or

   damages due to participating in Ultimate Elite Pageants Weekend.

​By accepting a state or regional/country title with Ultimate Elite Pageants, you are agreeing to all the conditions stated above.

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