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For Immediate Release:
Karista Rose was the epitome of what an Ultimate Elite National Ambassador Queen stood for. She used her crown for a purpose, for a cause and to share some love with the community.

She promoted goodwill and volunteerism better than any queen I have ever met (and honestly, probably will ever meet).

Karista Rose has been with UE since 2017 starting out with the title of Mrs. Arizona, Ultimate Elite. She won our Ultimate Elite Ambassador title due to her overwhelming dedication to community service, abundance of meaningful appearances and dutiful promotion of Ultimate Elite. She also won our Spirit of Pageantry award this same year. She set the standard for all future Ultimate Elite Queens rather high. Seriously, she was the hardest working and most dedicated queen I’ve ever known.

As we move forward with the Ultimate Elite International Pageant, we will be adding a new prestigious award to be given at the 2024 LIVE Pageant. .

It will be an honor to award the first recipient of the Karista Rose Spirit of Pageantry Award in 2024. This prestigious award will be given to one deserving queen who embodies all the principles that Karista Rose has set forth from her years with us. This queen must have selflessly served her community, volunteer with abundance, promoted the system in a good light, be there for her sister queens and embody the spirit of pageantry. All the things that Karista Rose set into motion.

Karista Rose's legacy will continue to live on within the Ultimate Elite International Pageant.

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