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Ultimate Elite is a beauty pageant for females from all nations ages 16 and up.  NEW: Jr Miss Ultimate Elite now accepting  entries from females from all nations ages 7 - 15.  Areas of competition include: Private Interview, Fashion Wear, Evening Gown, Photogenic, Platform Information Sheet and Community Service.  The contestant with the overall high score in her division will be crowned your next divisional Ultimate Elite Queen.


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-  An Ultimate Elite Titleholder should possess excellent conversational skills, she should be articulate and diplomatic in        her responses to questions asked of her.

-  Interviews will be panel style, running 7 minutes, to include a self introduction. Interviewing questions will come directly      off your Bio Sheet/Pageant Resume and Platform Sheet.

-  You should be dressed professionally for your interview; business suit, pant suit, or business style dress

-  Judging is based on your conversational skills, personality and spoke model ability


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-  An Ultimate Elite titleholder needs to carry herself with poise, elegance and dignity. She should express confidence   and grace while walking in her chosen gown. The gown itself is not being judged, instead the judges will be              

  evaluating the fit, cut and style to determine if it suits the contestant.

- Evening Gowns must be floor length
- Gowns should be age appropriate
- Cut outs are permitted, as long as they are tastefully done

- Judging based on how well you carry yourself, fashion sense and beauty


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-  Ultimate Elite Titleholders should have a great sense of style and stage presentation. She should be ready for any       

    event she could attend while representing the Ultimate Elite Pageant System. We want you to let your personality

    shine and  your inner fashionista out.

-  Dressy Causal or Semi-Formal - NO FLOOR LENGTH GOWNS (Hi-Low dresses are acceptable)
-  Accessories, hats, hairclips, gloves are encouraged - NO PROPS HOWEVER
-  Please avoid overly casual outfits and outfits that may be considered too Risqué

-  Judging based on modeling skills, personality and fashion sense


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JanissaHead Shot.jpg

-  The Ultimate Elite Pageant System relies having our titleholders for our promotional media advertising and                

   website promotions. Titleholders should present photogenic appeal and represent a positive imagine.

-  Photos should be at least 5 x 7 but no larger than 8 x 10
-  Your attire should be stylist, semi-formal, cocktail wear
-  Your photo should show you at approximately 3/4 length
-  Please keep photo-shopping/airbrushing to a minimum
-  Must submit a copywriter release from all parties involved: photographers, stylist, hair and make-up persons

-  Judging based on photogenic appeal, clarity and modeling potential.


-  Judging based on clarity of your Platform Information Sheet:  Ease of reading & understanding your cause

-  Overall appeal of your Platform Information Sheet:  Is it visually pleasing

-  Were all requirements for your Platform Information Sheet met?  

    * No larger than 8.5 x 11 one-sided sheet

    * Your platform dedication and involvement

    * Does it include a head shot 

    * Informative overview & summary of the core values of the organization

    * Your future plans for further awareness of your platform using your title



- Community Service is scored based solely on the number of hours you have volunteered your time

- You need to chose a non-profit 501-C organization, you may volunteer for several non-profits organizations

- Maintain a Volunteer Log of your community service hours

- Letter of Validation of time volunteered and/or photos of contestant at the event

- Copies of certificates you may have received for voluntary service may also be used for validation 

- Copies of supporting documents referencing your voluntary service can be used

    *newspaper articles, website write-ups, video interviews, etc


For every 10 hours of community service volunteering you perform PAST YOUR REQUIRED STATE/COUNTRY TITLE OBLIGATION, you will receive 1  point towards your OVERALL UEP/JR UEP competition score. This Bonus is limited to 10 additional points that can be added to your overall competition score.

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