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​Keepers of the Crown 

Ultimate Elite through the years

2024: Julianna Simpson, Danasia Hicks, Elisia Manuel, Yolanda Godfrey 

2023: Sydney Anger, Kaia Shea, Karista Rose Harris

2022: Telisia Manuel, K'Nyla Sterling, Alexandra Vargas, Elisia Manuel, Korona Miller

2021: Danasia Hicks, Amberlin Rose, Carrie Vargas, Sophia Minor, Tonia Westman   

* Due to a nationwide shut down in 2020, 2020 queens carryover their titles to 2021, in order to help keep everyone safe.

2020: Danasia Hicks, Amberlin Rose, Simmone Blake, Sophia Minor, Tonia Westman   


2019: Kristen Acklin, Jill Wildridge, Christine Hebersham, Karista Rose Harris 

2018: Emily Dennis, Josie Wagner 

2017: Riley Cameron, Addison Cameron 

2016: Charla Robey, Chelsea Sutton 

2015: Alyshia Shimizu 

2014: Sydney Wildridge, Janelle McCain, Valerie Schmidt

* Please note if you see a Queen's name on here twice it means she was eligible to recompete in that new Division and won.

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